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Our mission is offer our guests the most unique, socially responsible, eco-minded group of crafters, healers, artists, chefs and activists. We are looking for merchandise and services that the Yoga Jam community will find useful and inspirational to our practice and lifestyles.

March 6, 2023: Online Applications Open
Applicants will be notified of acceptance or declination via email.

July 31, 2023: All Fees and Documentation Deadline
Includes proof of liability insurance, and other applicable permits and licenses and invoices.

Wednesday, August 30: Vendor Arrival and set up.

Thursday, August 31, 2023: Gates open to public at 8 AM.

We want Vendors to have fun too! The hours your open are at your discretion, but we ask that you maintain core open hours of 10-6 daily, Thursday through Sunday.


Sunday, September 3, 2023: Last performance in the evening, vendors are welcome to stay and breakdown Monday morning.

Once your vehicle is parked, it may not exit and reenter the festival site. If you wish to come and go from the festival with a vehicle, the vehicle must be parked in the Lotus lot outside of the festival site, located adjacent to Box Office. 

Floyd Yoga Jam is rain or shine. Prepare and pack accordingly. Keep in mind, we are higher in altitude, it can get a little chilly to downright cold in the evenings.

NO PETS WILL BE PERMITTED. You need to make arrangements for your pet to be boarded, kenneled, or cared for, for the duration of the event. Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are welcome; however, emotional support animals will not be permitted.

If you have a service animal, please visit:

Yes, we want our patrons to have the ability to experience every minute of FYJ. We also want to ensure your safety. You are more than welcome to stay until Monday but will need to be off the property by 11 am Monday morning. Please leave this beautiful property and the piece you occupied in the manner you found it.

  • All vehicles must be off the field or parked in designated camping areas by 8pm on Wednesday 8/30.
  • No vehicles will be permitted to drive into or out of the festival grounds during the overall festival hours.
  • Camping options vary by location. If you camp with a vehicle, once the event starts those vehicles will need to remain in place for the entire festival. If you need to leave during the event, please park at our Lotus Lot near the Box Office.

Security will be onsite for the duration of the festival. Please ensure that you take your own proper precautions in securing your operation, as the festival is not responsible for any lost, destroyed or stolen items.

All menus and pricing must be prominently displayed during the festival. Menus and pricing are to be submitted for approval with the application. No changes to the menus or pricing are permitted after initial application submission.

Our ability to provide you with all the resources you need to operate your concession means that we need to have the information before you arrive to set up. If the information we receive is not correct, it will delay getting you set up, it might mean that we can’t provide you with what you need, or might mean additional fees in order to get you started.



You can view the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) Chart here for your reference. If you are still unable to determine your plug, we will try to assist

Floyd Yoga Jam will sell bagged ice to vendors at the Information booth. We do suggest that you bring starter ice, the cost for ice on site will be based on the price the festival pays.

If selected for the festival, ALL VENDORS, NON-PROFITS, AND EXHIBITORS are required to maintain a comprehensive public liability insurance policy for personal injury or death, and for property damage occasioned by reason of the operations conducted by Vendor on the leased premises, including products liability. *Policy requirements will be updated in 2023.


Vendor shall furnish evidence of said coverage by and with an insurance company licensed to do business in the Commonwealth of Virginia, evidencing effective dates as 08-30-2023 through 09-04-2023.


A Certificate of Insurance shall be registered in the Vendor’s name as it appears on all documents submitted to the Festival Management. Without the Certificate of Insurance on file, you will not be able to be a part of the Festival.

  • All vendors are required to report and pay their own taxes. Floyd Yoga Jam and its representative are not responsible for reporting sales and/or paying any applicable taxes for any vendor.
  • Non-Food vendors may be required to have an annual business license.

Staff, volunteers, and super friends of Floyd Yoga Jam are the people who make this festival a success year after year!


The Meal Ticket Program is geared towards food vendors. A volunteer or staff member will bring a voucher that will have a predetermined monetary value, or a specific food offering that will be indicated on the voucher.  You will retain the vouchers and return them to the Merch Tent by the end of day, Sunday, September 3, 2023. You will be issued a reimbursement check for 65% of the face value of the vouchers you remit.

Please email [email protected] if you have questions. 


Thank you to all the food vendors who participate! We couldn’t do this without you!

2023 Fees

Arts & Craft Vendors

10×10′ Booth-$200

10X20′ Booth-$350


Food Vendors

10×10′ Booth-$350

10X20′ Booth-$650

Electricity & Water Included

Healing Arts Vendors

10×10′ Booth-$200

10X20′ Booth-$350


Non-Profit Vendors

10×10′ Booth-$185

10X20′ Booth-n/a


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