A fresh blend of folk and pop. Multi-instrumentalist-fetish meets wild nature girl.

Annabeth makes music in order to bring more beauty and enchantment to the world, so that people can reignite their belief in humanity and embrace life in its full range of emotion.


She wants to bring increased harmony to the world, between people, planet, Spirit, and Self, by offering sonic catharsis and inducing pure presence.


Annabeth’s music is a mix of synth pop, ethereal electronica, and dream folk, and has been described as “Post New-Age.” She calls it ethereal dream pop and has been influenced by Florence & the Machine, Grimes, and aurora.


Her live sound is a tapestry of loosely looped synth sounds that lean toward the organic and fae. Layered instrumentation creates a backdrop for her crystalline vocals to soar and loop in on themselves. Her pure voice often echoes her Celtic lineage with strains of Enya, the Cranberries, and Loreena McKennett. She writes songs inspired by inner and outer landscapes: emotional explosions, revelations, exultations.


Annabeth’s latest album ‘Make Belief’ is a piano ballad album with strange pop twists. the theme circles around flights of fancy—whether through fictitious imaginings, or the malleability of the mind to invent new thoughts, actions, and ultimately, identity. It also explores the theme of death and the beliefs that hover around this unknowable mystery. The album acts as a trove of bedtime stories, riveting listeners into escapist fantasies that leave them marveling at their own life.


Annabeth’s albums are chapters in the book of her life, the pages of which show a highly varied style that parallels her constant personal evolution. She uses her music to encourage everyone to dive deep into their personal journey, as the star of their own hero(ine)’s journey. Her unique, angelic sound has found reception in the hearts of thought-full sensitivities like herself around the globe.


Overall, Annabeth’s music is an invitation to fall in love with life again, with songs that are bittersweet, exalting life’s hard-won lessons. She uses her music to create a new culture of self-care bound up with planetary care, in order to help us make it to the New Age closer to our fullest potential as a species, and not our very worst.


She performs her songs as wands she waves, that can hopefully magically make life worth living again. In a harsh world, Annabeth’s music is a welcome distraction away from the world, as well as a welcoming invitation deeper into it.


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