Ash Devine Trio

Award-winning Appalachian-Americana folk singer.

A community-based performance artist at her core, Ash frequently directs and produces thematic multi-artist shows with an array of other talented artists. In 2022, Ash was a featured songwriter at the Forbes Center for Performing Arts on NPR’s Acoustic Cafe songwriter series Songstress Sojourn which was recorded in front of a live audience. In 2015, Ash starred as Maybelle Carter of the legendary Carter Family band and musically directed the play Esley: The Life and Music of Leslie Riddle, when she successfully emulated Maybelle’s iconic Carter scratch guitar style.

Devine has performed and studied alongside numerous world-renowned musicians and performers such as Nobel peace prize nominee Patch Adams M.D., national heritage award winner Sheila Kay Adams, Andy Cohen (blues guitar master), Grammy award nominee David Holt, Lisa Null (renowned folklorist and Jean Richie’s former apprentice) and many other acclaimed artists. Ash’s versatile performances are bursting with stylistic variety, charismatic and relatable storytelling, audience engagement, and historical facts.

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