Jordan Harman & The Humble Brags

Soul music that makes you feel good.

In our world of sugar-sweet, mass produced, auto-tuned, musical McProduct, can soul still exist within the pop realm? Ask Jordan Harman. Somehow, he has managed just that. He creates music that speaks of something while retaining a great pop  sensibility; something that is increasingly rare today.


Ask Jordan Harman to describe the songs he writes, and he’ll tell you that it’s all about the soul. His smooth vocals, rhythmic guitar playing, and infectious hooks add up to a performance sure to please any crowd. The laid-back grooves will pull you in and, before you know it, you’re dancing to the music and singing along.


With influences such as Bill Withers, Donnie Hathaway, D’Angelo, James Brown, The Meters, Otis Redding, and The Roots there are many different elements to his unique brand of soul.

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