Strings of the Heart

Emmersive Raga

Strings of the Heart featuring Lynn and Jimmy Wolling perform Hindustani Indian Classical Compositions called Ragas. A full raga begins with an Alap (Melodic  improvisation that introduces the raga and sets the mood) and ends in Jhala (Overwhelms the melodic element by the rhythmic element).


A Raga may be defined as a melodic structure with fixed notes and a set of rules characterizing certain moods conveyed by the performance.


Strings of the Heart features sitar and tabla performance. Enjoy the sounds of ragas that pull at the strings of your heart and nourish your mind, body, and soul. Ragas evokes diverse emotional responses and have been scientifically confirmed to promote healing and wellbeing. Enjoy genres from 18th century fashionable court music, Indian groove and love songs that nourish and preserve peace of mind. Songs with moods of love, devotion, joy, calm, melancholy, happiness, and sadness. A true musical experience from the heart that pulls at the strings of your heart.

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