Once I arrive, can I leave and return to the site?

Once your vehicle is parked, it may not exit and reenter the festival site. If you wish to come and go from the festival with a vehicle, the vehicle must be parked in the parking lots outside of the festival site, located adjacent to Box Office

Do you have Wi-Fi / cell service?

This is your opportunity to shut down for a few days. We recommend taking advantage of this gift. Count on no or very limited Wi-Fi / cell service.

Will food vendors be open around the clock?

No, not necessarily. Please make sure to bring snacks & such for late night munchies. Please be mindful of excessive packaging and trash. If you brought it in, you must take it out.

Can I stay until Monday?

Yes, we want our patrons to have the ability to experience every minute of FYJ. We also want to ensure your safety. You are more than welcome to stay until Monday but will need to be off the property by 11 am Monday morning. Please leave this beautiful property and the piece you occupied in …

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Can I bring my pets?

NO PETS WILL BE PERMITTED. You need to make arrangements for your pet to be boarded, kenneled, or cared for, for the duration of the event. Service animals, as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act, are welcome; however, emotional support animals will not be permitted. If you have a service animal, please visit:

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