Teachers & Presenters

We are truly in awe of the amazing healers, activists, scholars, artists, and visionaries that want to share their knowledge and love with Floyd Yoga Jam!

We asked our teachers what they wanted participants to take away from their classes, workshops, and hikes.  Their responses say it all….



Ann-Marie Phillips

Anne-Marie's Yoga
Emerald Isle, NC

“I hope they learn something NEW, something FRESH, something about themselves. I want them to take home with them the JOY and Happiness Yoga brings.”


Richmond, VA

“A profound innerstanding of limitlessness and an innate remembrance of Truth and Home through freedom, expansion, and infinite connection of body, mind, soul, spirit.”

Andrew Alwood

Recovery Dharma
Richmond, VA

“A Buddhist approach to developing healthy practices related to alcohol, drugs, and other harmful behaviors.”

Art Taryan

Zen Steady
Alexandria, VA

“Connection with their spirits, appreciation for their bodies, open hearts, and relaxed minds.”

Barri DeFrancisci

Motion Collective on the Avenue
Baltimore, MD

“Connection with their spirits, appreciation for their bodies, open hearts, and relaxed minds.”

Carmelle Levia

Silver Spring, MD

“I hope to support them in connecting to their voice and the ability to sing as a tool for healing and connection to the divine.”

Chitra McDevitt

Chitra Yoga Therapy
Charlottesville, VA

“A felt experience of the healing power of yoga. And FUN!”

Chloe Craver

Lotus Acadamey
Winston-Salem, NC

“My intention is to guide participants into a meditative mind by way of exploring the possibilities of our beautiful, boundless bodies.”

“A stirring of curiosity and wonderment through call-and-response contemplative poetry. A delving into personal and universal themes, where depth psychology and death mythology meet, where honoring and grieving exist together for a sharing of attunement and deepening.”

Courtney Gendron

Charlotte, NC

Providing yoga to those that would otherwise not practice yoga.

Daina Fawn

Heathsville, VA

“I hope my students feel bliss, presence inside and out the prana flowing through their body balanced body mind and spirit feeling the divine essence.”

Danielle Stern

Bhav Brigade
Norfolk, VA

“A sense of community and pride.”

Dante Baker

I Accept
Reston, VA

“For participants to feel calm, relaxed, and tranquil.”

Dat Dude Jonny

Metta Mats
Philadelphia, PA

“I’m more concerned with what they leave behind when done. Together, we find community in letting go of what needs to be released.”

Debra Marks

Roanoke, VA

“As an offering of an alternative intervention to Western model of medicine and psychopharmocology. “

Detra Bennett

Down Dog Yoga & Wellness
Denver, NC

“I hope they take away a sense of gratitude, love, mindfulness and self worth along with their bodies feeling strong and amazing.”

Devin Dausin

Blacksburg, VA

“I hope they leave my class feeling better then when they arrived.”

Dr. Mica Deckard, PhD

Virginia Community Yoga
Norfolk, VA

“An awareness of the injustices present in western yoga. The skills and knowledge to make their yoga socially just and trauma-informed.  And loving awareness.”

Dr. Saraswati Robin

Nourishing Life
Asheville, NC

“Presence, Practice and Peace. “

Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian

PranaScience Institue
Mount Pleasant, SC

“Learn the science and traditional practice of pranayama. Take home some easy ways to incorporate breathing exercises into the routine.”


Richmond, VA

“Feel the vibrations of the drums as you connect breath, heartbeat, mind & body to your practice.”

Ed & Maya Skopal

I-TAL Acres
Check, VA

“Empowerment. To remain simply in your Being. Connection with the natural world around you. To learn more about the plants and herbs. Trust. Love.”

Elisha Reygle

Floyd, VA

“Participants will walk away with an experience of the nature around them and nature within; deep breathing to balance the body and mind as a whole. Grace, beauty and movement improve health and expand compassion “

Erin Larsen

Erin Larsen Yoga
Fayetteville, WV

“The inspiration to slow down and tap into their body’s own innate wisdom to heal through breath and movement.”

Erin Sonn

Arlington, VA

“A profound sense of self-love and appreciation just as they are in that moment. Nothing needs to change.”

Gina Hart-Smith

Huntington, WV

“Tools for accessing Self-Love and Compassion,  insight into the transformational power of the practices, peace of mind, body positivity, and FUN!”

Grace Millsap

Grace & Zen Within
Charlotte, NC

“With each class we teach, we hope our students walk away with a glimpse of their heart’s potential and connection to higher self.”

Hannah Levin

Heartfelt Wellbeing
Floyd, VA

“Inspiration about living in seasonal alignment with their individual super powers and trusting the messages from their bodies.”

Heather Chumley

Live Well
Chesterfield, VA

“Alignment cues, radical self acceptance, and a new understanding of self care.”

J Miles

Maha Vira Yoga
Richmond, VA

“I hope class participants will take from them all that they need, and nothing that they don’t.”

Jack Howard


“An experience that finds them a few steps further on the path to their True Self.”


Floyd, VA

“Inspiration that yoga is always within oneself, yoga is the divine light within.”


Jamie Reygle

InStill Mindfulness
Floyd, VA

“A better understanding of mindfulness and how it relates to their lives.”

Jason Clemons

Fairlawn, VA

“An appreciation of the inner teacher, to celebrate their own deep interest, perhaps a spark of curiosity about the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali”

Jeffery Tiebout

Sanctuary of the Light
Willis, VA

“Asana is a gateway into Yoga… Yoga is a tapestry that weaves together practices that can reveal the gem of Love that shines in every heart. We can live in freedom, peace beyond understanding, and Love. Yoga reveals our true Self. “

Jen Waine

Yoga, Astrology + Wellness Charlottesville, VA

“Peace, restoration, clarity, empowerment, deeper connection to self and larger forces.”

Jenn Mintz

In True Nature
Boston, VA

“Em-bodied with a sense of connection to and harmony with their true selves and something bigger that runs through us all.”

Jenn Newton

High Point Yoga School
High Point, NC

“A sense of strength and belonging. A knowing that they can do anything regardless of size, ability, or life circumstance.”

Jenn Hopper

Blacksburg, VA

“My intention for students is to leave the class better than when they entered it.  I hope they feel light and fulfilled.”

Jesse Cassady

The Grateful Yoga
Washington, DC

“To feel more. Not good or bad, but more. More feeling/awareness, Understanding, and Compassion, leads to intentional grace.”

Jessica Adams

Free Range Yoga VA
Lynchburg, VA

“A smile, sense of grounding, and better understanding of their body, mind, and spirit connection.”

Jessica Ruff

Jessica Ruff Yoga
Williamsburg, VA

“My intention in teaching is to lead practitioners to see beyond the mat and to the deeper reasons why we practice.”

Jessica Watson

Functional Bliss
Willis, VA

“A deeper mind body connection. A quieted mind and sense of ease in the physical body.”